Resupply's Career Skills Program

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Resupply helps active duty military personnel transition through our career skills program by helping them gain business experience with hands on internship roles and responsibilities.

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Hear from a few of our graduates

Tobin Cooper,
Logistics Officer

“To say that the Career Skills Program internship with Resupply was an amazing experience would be a prodigious understatement. The opportunities, culture, and team in this company allow for the most driven of individuals to find a home and start their commitment to serve anew. I found a home at this company that continuously affords me the opportunity to help charities and nonprofits in every community across this great country. I just can't thank the team enough.”

Katrina Meehan,
Communications Specialist

“I honestly can’t believe how much I’ve learned from my time with Resupply. No amount of books, briefs or podcasts could have taught me what I’ve learned through the CSP. Not only do I better understand corporate America, I've also honed my skills, gained valuable certifications and made key professional connections. I firmly believe that the CSP is the best resource the military provides transitioning servicemembers and working with Resupply was the best choice I could have made.”

John Clark,
Logistics Officer

“When I first heard about the Career Skills Program, I was amazed that I could join the program up to 6 months prior to my ETS.  If I wouldn't had heard about it from a friend, I wouldn't have learned about it until 2 weeks prior to my ETS and definitely would not be where I am today.  The Career Skills Program gave me the time I needed to focus 100% on developing a new skill set in the civilian sector and get the experiences I needed to determine where I wanted to take my career after my time in service!”

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