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Security first

We want to make sure you meet with members of the Military Community.

Notify others

Don’t let other users have a bad experience.

Quick upload

Instantly upload your item pictures by using the integrated camera feature.

Take control of your search

Conveniently under the same filter.

Effortless browsing

Find your item quicker, with less description and with more images and pricing.

Price Negotiation

Don’t settle on the offered price. You can suggest another fair price. The seller may accept or refuse your offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ReSupply's Mission?

    Our mission is to create a secure peer-to-peer mobile-first marketplace for service members and their families to barter, buy, and sell goods and services.

What Is Posted On The ReSupply App?

   Items and services offered by military personnel and their families.

What items are prohibited on the app?

  • Illegal Items and Illegal services.
  • Weapons, Firearms, BB guns and pellets, Bow and arrows, Stun guns, Tear gas, Knives, and Ammunition.
  • Offensive and Obscene material.
  • Tobacco, Vaporizing devices, Hookahs, Electronic Cigarettes, Alcohol, Drugs.
  • Hazardous Material, Fireworks & Explosives, Body Parts/Fluids.
  • Stolen Property including any goods or services that the seller does not have the right to sell.
  • Animals & Animal Products.
  • Counterfeit & Replica Items.

Where Can I Download The App?

     The ReSupply app can be downloaded on both the iOS App Store and Google Play.


Why Is It Better To Sell On ReSupply?

ReSupply is a buy-sell community, built off of the trust and values of the military community. It provides security that other e-commerce marketplaces can not.

how does the in-app credit work?

Users who invite friends to the app receive $20 in-app credit when the invited friend posts an item. When you buy an item, just choose the amount of credit you want to use. The user will be able to deposit the money into the bank 7 days after the purchase.

Do I Have To Be Military Affiliated?

Yes. To be able to use ReSupply, you must be directly connected to the military, whether that means you are an active duty member, former member, or spouse/immediate family of a military member.

How do you verify military members?

Our partners at ID.me use unique military identifiers, such as .mil e-mail addresses or USAA IDs, that allows them to securely verify users. Click here to check out the FAQs regarding ID.me.

What are our Fees?

ReSupply has a 4% fee on each transaction. Shipping costs are estimated by the size and weight of your item. They are finally determined after factoring in the location of the buyer and seller.

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"Fast and easy!"Wuhu14

What a great way to buy and sell with other military families. So much easier to use than Facebook with admins that may or may not enforce rules. Love it!

"Great App" Thewpc

Awesome app that allows me to buy and sell products I no longer need to people I feel safe dealing with.